What Makes Us Different

What makes Bapare stand out from the competition?

Other products which the competitors use in the market generally fall into a few main components – tools which are used when lying on the floor, back nodules (which look like walking sticks) and small or large balls. There are several downsides to these, however.

When it comes to lying on the floor, you cannot control your weight when you are massaging those hard to reach areas and they may also be difficult to use for older people as the movement may prove to be strenuous. The balls which are smaller can be difficult to control without dropping and the larger balls cover a wider surface area, making it difficult to get to those hard to reach places. Back nodules, which are used to find the point and push into can also prove to be problematic, as in order to get a good massage the muscles need to be relaxed first and foremost.

Bapare’s main benefits include the following facts:

  • It can be used standing up.
  • Hands free.
  • Can get to areas close to the bone, which is typical of where the trigger points lie, like the ribs and shoulders.
  • The best for accurately targeting the trigger points.
  • Can play with your phone while you use it!