What Is Bapare

Bapare stands for BAck PAin RElief . It is a system to achieve relief from back pain rather than just a tool for massage. It is a 3-step system to locate trigger points quickly and accurately. Lock trigger points in place for accupressure release with the nodule cap. And finish off using your favorite pain relief gel using our gel applicator cap. When used frequently, long-term benefits are possible.

Bapare is a back pain relief tool. It is made up of a sturdy silicone rubber body, which is food grade rubber. There is an injection molded polypropylene plastic ball holder that can be easily inserted into and removed from the Silicone rubber body for cleaning. Polypropylene is used for items in the kitchen such as cutting boards, so it is safe. Inside the ball holder is a POM plastic ball that snaps into position during manufacture. It has been designed to have silicone rubber caps of various design to be added for massage related functions. They fit easily and securely and can be easily removed. Bapare can be washed with warm soapy water to keep it clean and in normal use it should last for years.