The Creator

Meet the man who started it all.

The massaging device was developed by Mike, after suffering from his own back issues. Once he had realised how effective it was, he had developed it over a number of years and iterations to its current state. After using a number of other devices on the market he feels that his is the best tool for his own back pain.

Mike Hutchinson is from the UK. He was trained by the Ministry of Defense in mechanical engineering in the 1980’s and since that time he has gained vast experience in many areas of manufacturing.

He uses the device to cope with a back injury that has been with him for over 30 years, chronic for 20 years. After being in a car accident (24 May 2016), he was hit from behind and suffered a strain to the neck. It was suggested that the pain would be caused by a knot just above the shoulder blade, a typical symptom of whiplash. He used the device and continued to do so to this day and finds it is easy to manage. If it starts to feel slightly stiff a 1 or 2 minute session is all that is needed to completely stop the pain or stiffness. He now has normal range of mobility in the neck.