Below you can find some of the people who have used Bapare and what they have to say about it.

Kehlief Campbell
Doctor of Physical Therapy, USA
“As a Doctor of Physical Therapy, nothing pleases me more than helping my patients achieve lasting pain relief, and helping them to get back to the business of living. When I find a product, that for me, offers consistent results, I get behind it 100%. That’s why I can fully recommend using Bapare. In my opinion, if offers consistent and dramatic results in relieving the pain associated with trigger points and myofascial restrictions throughout the body. It has proven to be a great, drug-free product, that you can use in conjunction with Physical Therapy, and other medical treatments.”

David Helliwell
Welding Inspector, UK
“I’d just like to say that Bapare has been life changing, I’m in my 50’s and been a welder, diver and also managed to crash a jet boat at around 80kms/per hour.I was plagued with back and shoulder pains for over a decade. I’ve was given a Bapare to try on a fishing trip a few years back, we all loved it, I refused to give it back. I’ve taken it to various countries, fantastic for after a long flight and you’re going to meetings. I’ve had it in our bathroom to use in the shower (it’s waterproof and sticks to tiles great). Every year I have to do 2 x 12 hour drives on crap roads. I start to get aches and pains, I stop stick Bapare to the car massage the points and I’m good. The best benefit is now I hardly ever use it as it’s sorted out the root cause. Bapare is simply great, I love it!”

Luke Robinson
Personal Trainer, Staffordshire, UK
“With having a long vulnerability to neck strains, finding Bapare was the key element in treating and curing my old training injury. I have had massage after massage in the hope that they could relieve me from the incessant pain, but it was to no avail. Mike gave me a sample, and let me do my own thing with it. And true to his word, it was an instant relief. After two weeks of use, the pain had gone. I had suffered regular pain for 9 years in the same area. I think the key to it working so well was the fact that it is so compact, quick and easy to use, so I could take it everywhere with me and use it as soon as I felt a twinge. I wish to send a big thank you to the Bapare Team. I will be recommending your product to all my clients.”

David Wand
“I just wanted to let you know how the Bapare worked on my throwing arm shoulder injury. It had been a while since I had thrown a softball and when I did I felt some discomfort in my shoulder. I leaned on the Bapare front, side and back and found a spot at the back that was tender. I leaned on it for a moment and felt a big improvement instantly. It is a really good little tool for working out the knots I feel a lot more flexible after using it. Thanks for convincing me to try it, I shall continue to use as and when needed.”

Ann-Marie Taylor
London, UK
“My name is Ann-Marie Taylor I have a serious back condition and I have been using the Bapare for about 1.5 years. The Bapare is very easy to use and is ideal for when my back stiffens up after sitting for long periods, such as for when I am driving or at a desk, I just place the Bapare against a wall or secure door and can massage my back and shoulders from top to bottom applying just the right pressure that works for me. It is light and very portable and I thoroughly recommend it, I take mine with me everywhere I go.”

Kevin Bruns
Pukpipe Creator, pukpipe.com
“Mike, your Bapare is a true life saver when I need that tough-to-reach knot in the back fixed. All day I have asked people at work to try to access my painful spot. It was keeping even my breathing uncomfortable. Got home, stuck it to the wall and in 5 mins, already much better! Amazing product bro. The Bapare is going to help a lot of people. What a relief to have this waiting for me at home and have it so effective. Well done and congratulations on such a needed and well designed product!”

Andrew Glaister
Chiropractor, UK
“It is certainly effective. I used it myself on a troublesome area on my own back.”