Making of Bapare

Early designs of Bapare.

Above are early versions of the Bapare device.

It all started with a back problem, which Mike – the eventual creator of Bapare – suffered from when he was working as a mold-maker in the UK over 25 years ago. Over the course of time this injury would disappear and reappear, starting as a dull ache which got worse over the course of years. He would wake up in the middle of the night with severe pain. He would ask his wife to massage his back, applying some pressure. This would relieve this pain and help him sleep. When he traveled abroad he was without his wife and the aches still persisted, so he decided to fashion a prototype using a rubber part of a soap dish and the top of a honey bottle which he glued together. He tried it and it worked. From this, he thought it worked rather well and developing this was a good idea. When looking at the market he couldn’t find anything that worked in such an effective way.

This was the beginning of how Bapare was created.

For it’s development, in the early stages the design looked very basic, with a simple egg-shaped curve. Over later iterations it was decided that a detachable head could be developed to accurately target parts of the body, as well as a ball integrated into its design so that it could have a moving massage function.

One day his son asked, “Why not make it into a rocket, papa?” It became elongated and its ribs were added to the design, which is the version used to this day.