How We Help

Bapare can help in a variety of ways.

The basic aim of Bapare is to treat areas of the body by inactivating or reducing the trigger point and thereby relieve the pain and disability which it is producing.

It is accepted that pain arising from an established ‘active trigger point’ usually needs attention and that the pain arising from most ‘trigger points’ will improve with treatment, of which there are a number of different modalities available. Being non-invasive and not relying on drugs which could have side effects, external pressure is an important modality of treatment. In this respect, Bapare is a very useful and simple to use appliance.

Conceptually, massage therapy attempts soften the ‘trigger point’ and relieve its pain by to achieve four aims:

To dissipate inflammatory substances which initiate and maintain the ‘trigger point’.

To improve the blood supply to the muscle which is impaired by its contracture.

To stretch the contracted muscle.

To release any scar tissue and adhesions within the tissues.

Trigger point pressure release.

Simple, persistent pressure is applied to the ‘trigger point’. Once the most painful ‘trigger point’ has been found pressure is applied to it held until the ‘trigger point’ has ‘released’, usually about 30 seconds. Initially the ‘trigger spot’ can be very painful and the pressure on it should be very gentle at first, and increased slowly. If possible, simultaneous, voluntary contraction of the muscle while compression is applied to the ‘trigger point’ can be of assistance by stretching the contracted muscle fibres.