How to Use Bapare

Get to grips with your Bapare.

This design is sleek, easy to use and should be used whilst standing. First, press the suction cup against a tiled wall or other smooth surface at the desired height. Check the Bapare is firmly in place. Lean against the roller ball and massage the muscles and search for the knots. When you find an area that is tender, you can apply gentle pressure with the ball, try replacing the nodule cap and apply pressure with that. Use whichever feels more comfortable to you. Knots vary in size and tenderness and we experience pain differently. To provide oneself instant relief from myofascial back pain you need to follow the following steps:

Please read the Safely Using Bapare page before using Bapare.

1. Finding the right place to use Bapare is critical. A smooth tiled surface is perfect, you can try other smooth non-porous, solid vertical surfaces such as a door frame.

2. Ensure the Bapare suction cup is clean and free from dust, and the wall is clean too.

3. Fix the Bapare to the wall by pressing the suction cup at the approximate height that you want to massage.

4. Lean lightly against the Bapare with the nodule cap removed and search around for affected areas.

5. When you find a tender area, try holding a little pressure for 20-30 seconds whist breathing deeply.

6. Some trigger points are small and move under the skin, if you find this to be the case, try using the nodule cap. The nodule cap will lock the small knot in place so you can apply pressure over that area.

7. Applying pressure blocks the flow of blood, when released there is a fresh flow of blood that flushes out the build-up of toxins that are causing pain and tension within the muscle. The fresh blood also contains oxygen and nutrients that the muscle needs to function properly.

8. To remove the Bapare from the wall, press the release button to peel the suction cup from the wall and replace the Bapare a little lower or higher.

9. Repeat these steps and massage the whole area of your back and shoulders until you have massaged every area and released all trigger points in your back and shoulders.

10. Whilst using Bapare, you have complete control of the amount of pressure applied. You control the amount of pain experienced whilst massaging the painful areas. Sometimes the pain can be very intense and extremely painful when a masseuse or chiropractor is applying pressure on affected areas, no more!

11. The Bapare can be used to release deep painful muscle spasms in the buttocks also. The buttock muscles are the largest in the body and can be thick and tough to massage. With Bapare it is possible to apply a lot of pressure effortlessly and apply pressure deeper than a masseuse can with their thumbs or elbows.

12. You can also use Bapare on any other area of the body that is causing you muscular pain, for example the biceps or thighs.

13. It is advisable to search for painful trigger points around the area of pain, because the painful area maybe a result of “referred pain” caused by a trigger-point in a different area of the body.

14. You can also use Bapare for a general massage to give a body or back massage for therapeutic reasons. A massage helps you to relax and relieves tension caused by the stress of modern life!

15. If you use pain relief Gel, you can use the gel applicator cap supplied. With the Bapare placed at the correct height, fit the Gel applicator cap. Apply a little gel and simply lean on the affected area and rub into the muscle by gentle moving over the area where you want to apply gel. It is possible to apply the gel to areas of the back that you cannot reach yourself.