This is for anyone who has questions about Bapare, how it should be used and any other general queries.

Why is it called Bapare?

Bapare is a combination of the words back pain relief.

Can I bring it with me anywhere?

Yes! As long as your can find a smooth, flat surface you can bring your Bapare anywhere you want to go. It’s small and can be carried around conveniently and also comes in a handy carry pouch!

How do I use it?

You can find a handy how-to for your Bapare right here!

What is it made of?

It’s made of silicon rubber, polypropylene and an acrylic plastic ball.

Are there other colours?

At the moment we currently don’t have plans for a single Bapare purchase, however if a large quantity is ordered we can accommodate for a wide range of colours.

How do I clean my Bapare?

The best way to clean your Bapare is under a tap with regular soap and warm water.

Is it safe around children?

While Bapare is not a toy, it is safe around children. Although maybe if you threw it hard enough at someone it could hurt, so be careful!

What makes it better than other massage devices?

See why Bapare is better than the competition right here!

Why does it look this way?

For a brief history of why it looks this way look no further than here!

Where can I buy it?

You can find our product at QVC, or you can stay tuned to this page!

Can I sell the Bapare device?

Send any business queries to our contact page here!

Does the Bapare device use batteries?

No, it doesn’t!

Can Bapare be used as a gel applicator?

Yes. By applying your gel onto the head of the device it can be used as an applicator!

Do you provide pain relief gel?

We do not sell the gel, we provide a convenient way to apply the gel. Gel should be purchased by a medical professional.

Is the Bapare dangerous?

Used according to its instruction the device is safe to use. However, it is important to note that some back pain conditions can be serious, such as bone cancer. In situations like this it is important to recieve a diagnosis from a professional first.

I am having back problems, can I use this device?

We would strongly suggest you seek the council of a medical professional first before you use this device.

I have a slipped disc, is this safe to use?

This device is purely for the manipulation of muscular pain. For any mechanical pain, this device is not recommended if you have any skeletal problems. However it can help with muscular spasms. Seek the advice of a medical practitioner.

Who is this device most useful to?

Anyone who is suffering from muscular pain. If you have an ache or pain and massage helps then this device will be very helpful to you!

Why does massage help?

Because often muscular spasms are the result of a build up of toxins within the muscle. These toxins remain and calcify within the muscle. The way to get rid of these is by way of regular massage.

What does the device cost?

Less than half the cost of one visit to a massage therapist, except this device will last for years!

What Bapare make a good gift?

If this person has been diagnosed as having myofascial trigger points and does not have a serious condition, Bapare would make a great gift!