Design of the Bapare

How the device came to be and how it cured many.

The Bapare is the result of a cycle of development that has lasted over 6 years. The very first prototype was conceived whilst the inventor (Michael Hutchinson) was suffering from myofascial pain.

“Before I started on created Bapare” said Michael, “I had tried everything that I could get my hands on to treat my recurring trigger point. Many people recommend the use of tennis balls or specially designed massage balls, I tried them all. Don’t get me wrong the use of a ball is great, if it works for you, it’s cheap and easy to get your hands on. For me I just could not reach the spot. If the ball was too big the area the pressure was spread out over too large an area, too small and the curvature of my back, plus a bit of extra fat meant I could not get anywhere near the area. I needed something that was long enough yet had a small ball shape to get past the curvature of the spine plus extra weight, to get into the spot that was causing me so much aggravation, pain and distraction. It seemed everything else, was designed to be used as a hand-held device, and needed the cooperation of another person, which is not always possible.”

A honey bottle top, a soap dish and a tube of glue were the components that went into the first prototype. The result was effective but a little difficult to use and keep falling apart. Over a period of six years progressive improvements were made, including testing a range of materials, different hardness of rubber and number of different shapes and designs. Michael’s day job is involved with product development and is the owner of a prototyping company, so he had access to resources that helped make a cycle of prototypes. Eventually he started getting very close and was giving out the prototypes to friends and family that had back pain. It is amazing how many people suffer in silence with back pain. Acting upon the feedback he was given, a device was created. Bapare is the perfect self-back massage and self-treatment system.

During the product development, professional physiotherapists, chiropractors and retired spinal surgeons were consulted. The persons involved are all experts in their fields. The net result of this collaboration is the Bapare as it is today. The device has been tested by a number of subjects and all users have reported that the pain has either greatly reduced or gone altogether. Michael had suffered from myofascial back pain for around 20 years, which was the result of a work-related back injury. Now using the Bapare for a couple of minutes a week on average as and when required, he no longer takes any pain relief medication for his back pain, nor does he suffer from the back pain had plagued him for so long.