Infraspinatus Trigger Point: How to Fix this Debilitating Pain

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In this post, we will look at important facts you must know when it comes to an infraspinatus trigger point. We will include the following key topics:

  • What is infraspinatus
  • Infraspinatus pain
  • What are trigger points
  • Main causes of infraspinatus trigger points
  • Why trigger point massage helps
  • Preventing future trigger points

First, let’s learn exactly what is infraspinatus.

What is Infraspinatus

The infraspinatus muscle is a thick triangular muscle that is located on the back of the shoulder. It is attached to your upper arm bone, called the humerus, and the shoulder blade called the scapula. It is also one of the four muscles of your rotator cuff. Including the infraspinatus, there are also the supraspinatus, subscapularis, and teres minor. It is thanks to all these muscles that your shoulder is one of the most mobile joints in your body, allowing movement in many different directions. The possibilities of injuries to your infraspinatus are broad, ranging from minor strains, trigger points, and complete muscle tears.

The infraspinatus muscle is a thick triangular muscle on the back of the shoulder. One of the four muscles on your rotator cuff.

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Infraspinatus Pain

Infraspinatus pain is one of the most common causes of shoulder pain. The case of chronic shoulder pain, meaning long-standing pain, is often caused by an untreated infraspinatus trigger point. If you experience an infraspinatus trigger point, you may find pain occurring in these areas:

  1. Front arm
  2. Front shoulder
  3. Mid-Thoracic Back
  4. Back of the neck
  5. Painful weak grip
  6. Problems holding arms up
  7. Radial forearm
  8. Radial hand and thumb

Other examples of infraspinatus pain can include reaching into your back pocket, fastening a bra, reaching out for items, or putting your arms into an article of clothing. This can also result in impaired sleep because of the difficulty sleeping on one side. If you experience any of these symptoms, chances are you have an infraspinatus trigger point. If you cannot identify the source, or the pain is severe, please consult your doctor.   

Infraspinatus pain can occur in several places. From your thumb and radial hand, up to your arms, shoulders, and neck. If you have trouble gripping or raising your arm, it could be this.  

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What are Trigger Points

Trigger points can go by other names. Sometimes they are referred to as a myofascial trigger point, other times they are called muscle knots. But what are they? Our muscles are made up of many individual fibers. As we move throughout the day these fibers expand and contract. A trigger point is a tiny, tight area within this muscle fiber, locking the strand of muscle in place. To describe this trigger point, it is painful when touched. Sometimes these trigger points can show in the form of a visible muscle knot present on the body, looking like a lump of skin. But not always, sometimes it cannot be seen and is felt underneath the skin.    

Sometimes where the pain is felt is not the same as the location of the trigger point. This is often known as referred pain. For example, when it comes to the infraspinatus muscle, the pain referral pattern can move down the arm to the hand and fingers. It can also cause upper posterior cervical pain and the medial border of the scapula.

Trigger points in the infraspinatus can be particularly sneaky, as they are associated with trigger points in other muscles too, like teres minor, anterior deltoid, posterior deltoid, the supraspinatus, trapezius, and biceps brachii. When it comes to referred pain originating from the shoulder, the infraspinatus is the likely culprit.

What is a trigger point? When part of the muscle becomes tight, it forms a lump. This lump is noticeable with the naked eye or can hide under the skin. It is painful to touch. The infraspinatus trigger point can cause referred pain in other areas of the body too.

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Causes of Infraspinatus Points

There are several possible causes of infraspinatus trigger points. These range from tears, tense muscles, weakness, and dehydration. This is because muscle fibers are in continuous motion throughout our daily lives. When they become injured, tense, or overworked it can result in our muscle fibers being unable to relax. This can, over time, result in a mini contraction in a small area of fibers, stretching the muscle band and causing a trigger point.

Several causes of infraspinatus trigger points include:

  • Acute muscle overload
  • Static positions for long periods
  • Twisting the arm during a fall
  • Poor shoulder posture
  • Unusual shoulder movements

The infraspinatus muscle is a common pain troublemaker for athletes (muscle overload), musicians (constant elevated arms and shoulders), painters, rock climbers, and desk workers (static positions and bad posture) to name a few. Generally, if you work most of the time in a bent-over position, many hours of desk work, or find yourself with your arms over your head it is far more likely to result in problems with your infraspinatus.   

An infraspinatus trigger point can develop from many causes. From static positions, bad posture, and constant arm and shoulder elevation to many others. Be careful not to overexert yourself when exercising or staying in the same place for too long. 

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Why Trigger Point Massage Helps

One fantastic way to help alleviate the pain caused by trigger points is through massage. The reason for this is that a trigger point is a knot that is swollen and in turn blocks the flow of blood. This restriction stops oxygen from being delivered to vital areas of the body. Thanks to massage, instant relief can be provided. Pushing forth fresh blood and flushing out any waste material found in the blockage. It also helps to prevent the growth of any further trigger points from developing in the area. Thankfully, you don’t need an expensive masseuse. Instead, use our trigger point massage tool which can help with infraspinatus trigger points and many others!   

Massage is great for infraspinatus trigger points as it helps improve blood and oxygen circulation to those trapped areas caused by a trigger point. Massage reduces pain and allows the stretched muscles to rest and relax.

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Preventing Future Trigger Points

As the famous saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. It is far better to ensure that these trigger points never happen in the first place. This can be done by taking care of important factors when going about our daily lives. These include the following:

  • Nutritious diet
  • Regular stretching and exercise
  • Quality sleep
  • Good posture

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In today’s article, we covered important things you need to know about infraspinatus trigger points. We learned what exactly is infraspinatus and the pain we can experience from this muscle. We included an explanation of what is a trigger point. Looked at the main causes of infraspinatus trigger points and why massage can help with this, along with other preventative measures we can use in the future.

If you suffer from painful trigger points, not only in the shoulder, but many other parts of the body then chances are you need a trigger point massage device that can help you. Look no further than Bapare! Our device Bapare, which stands for BAck PAin RElief helps with deep tissue and muscle strain massage. You can find Bapre on our website here, available for sale worldwide.   

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