David Helliwell

Welding Inspector, UK

“I’d just like to say that Bapare has been life changing, I’m in my 50’s and been a welder, diver and also managed to crash a jet boat at around 80kms/per hour.I was plagued with back and shoulder pains for over a decade. I’ve was given a Bapare to try on a fishing trip a few years back, we all loved it, I refused to give it back. I’ve taken it to various countries, fantastic for after a long flight and you’re going to meetings. I’ve had it in our bathroom to use in the shower (it’s waterproof and sticks to tiles great). Every year I have to do 2 x 12 hour drives on crap roads. I start to get aches and pains, I stop stick Bapare to the car massage the points and I’m good. The best benefit is now I hardly ever use it as it’s sorted out the root cause. Bapare is simply great, I love it!”

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