Deep Pressure trigger point massage.

An alternative method is to ‘massage’ the ‘trigger point’. In this method the trigger point is massaged by gentle stokes in one of two directions, either from one side to the other or along the length of the muscle fibres, maintaining the same direction . Again this initially can be quite painful and the manipulation should begun gently, increasing the pressure as the pain diminishes. After the main trigger point has been ‘reduced’ remaining trigger points can be massaged in a similar fashion if this is felt necessary.

The ‘trigger points’ cause shortening of the muscles resulting in limitation of movement of the back or limb. As a follow-up to the manipulation it is important that the affected muscle(s) should be gently and SLOWLY stretched several times a day in order to maintain their length and their mobility. It goes without saying that any deformities or imbalances of the body which are contributing to the strain on the affected region should be corrected, if possible.

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