Step 1: Attach Bapare to a smooth surface.

Find a flat, smooth surface to firmly place the device on to.

A 360 view of the Bapare device with the head on and off.
  • Take control of your muscular back pain and other common back problems with Bapre
  • Hands-free design – Bapare is the massager you use on yourself
  • You can use Bapare to target both active and latent trigger points
  • Use standing up – your body weight controls the massage pressure
  • Attach Bapare to tiled walls, door frames and other smooth vertical surfaces using its convenient built-in suction pad
  • Remove cap to reveal tapered profile for highly targeted pain relief
  • Made from hygienic and durable silicone rubber
  • Bapare will give you years of use – with no batteries required
  • You can massage with Bapare on bare skin or wearing clothing
  • Take Bapare with you everywhere in its handy carry pouch

If you have ever experience muscular back pain, also known as Myofascial pain, you will know how painful and debilitating it can be. It is generally caused by a trigger point which develops in the affected tissues and leads to severe pain, which may last for many years.

Bapare offers drug-free, non-invasive muscular back pain relief – you can use it to break down both pain-causing active trigger points and latent trigger points which may cause muscular pain in the future.

Bapare is an ideal alternative to a professional massage, and can be used anytime, anywhere. You use Bapare standing up and as your body weight controls the amount of pressure, you can avoid the discomfort or pain you might feel when someone else gives a deep massage of an affected region. With Bapare, you are in complete control of the massage at all times, and you can stop immediately should you feel the need to do so.

You can use Bapare for general back and body massage, reflexology and acupressure median therapy.

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